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you don’t really see enough of this.

This is one of those things that makes you wanna cry instantly

I can’t wait for you to come home babe!

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From a girl who’s wasted 3 years of her life because her best friend was in love with her and she was to afraid to hurt his feelings.

But sometimes you’re the person on the other end of the sad pathetic love poems that some boy believes will make himself feel better. Sometimes you’re exhausted of having to deal with having to constantly batter off someone, and as time passes you start being more aggressive and more honest. The whole “I have a boyfriend” excuse became another failed attempt. You tried “You’re just a friend to me I’m sorry” and he still didn’t understand. Somehow you get angry enough to tell him you just aren’t attracted to him and be still finds a way to blame you for it. He believes that you’re playing hard to get because obviously you’re interested in him. At first you were, you admit. You sugar coat it by saying you enjoy talking to him, which to some extent you do. You tell him you care about him and you’re sorry but he tells you he’ll never stop trying. Months pass. More sad pathetic love poems. He even wrote a song and your name is the title. It doesn’t even fucking make sense. You finally come to see he is never going to get over you and it’s best for the both of you to move on. So you do, you found someone you are attracted to. A nice boy, very cute. As soon as you do this, your sad little puppy no longer wants anything to do with you. You’re no longer his precious angel. You’re a bitch, a slut, a whore, a crazy cunt who didn’t know what she had.

But why? Why do girls have to constantly fight these unconfident and inexperienced guys off more then once? Why is one simple “no” never enough? Why can’t we just be friends with a guy without then expected us to return the feelings, and when we don’t we’re the oversensitive ones? Why is it that when we finally find a guy we’re the bitch?

I promise you, if a girl wants to be with you she will be. She might enjoy talking to you and she might love your company but she does not want to be in a romantic relationship with you. Boys need to understand this.


if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done

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