*i do not promote depression or other mental illnesses*
Anonymous asked: Is it bad that me and one of my friends do stuff together even though he has a girlfriend who he says he loves?? Cause I'm so confused, and now I'm starting to have feelings for him and I know I shouldn't be.... What do i do..?? :(


Don’t mess around with someone who’s involved with another person. If it’s worth it and they feel the same way they’ll end things with their girlfriend and be yours. I know a girl who was in the same position and he promised he liked her and she ended doing some things with him and he ended things with her when he was bored because he had a girlfriend to fall back on. Don’t ruin a relationship you’ll only hurt yourself.


But be careful of your words because you don’t know who wrote their suicide note last night and are one step closer to putting it on their bed for their parents to find first.

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Because I know for a fucking fact it’s not you (via yourdeaddarling)

(via yourdeaddarling)

Who am I going to tell unimportant news to the second I get it and be rewarded with warm words?

Who am I going to stay awake until 4 am talking about how much I love rainy days and waking up on Sundays?

Who am I going to text drunk?

Who am I going to run to crying because your arms just seem to be my happy place?

Who am I going to watch movies with even though we end up devouring each other half way through the previews?

Who am I going to share my obsessions with?

Who am I going to think about at night until my heart beat runs faster and I gasp for air knowing you make my body sweat?

Who am I going to burn time with?

Who am I going to conspire beautiful thoughts about what happens after we die with?

Who am I going to make life long promises with?
(Promises you didn’t keep by the way)

Who am I going to call when I’m bored?

Who am I going to look after and comfort because something about knowing I made you smile brings joy to my life?

Who am I going to scream at fully knowing in the end we will be okay?

Who am I going to hope never leaves me but one day might do just that?

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